Scott Russell Bio/ Background

I have been involved in the health and fitness
industry for over 20 years, from having
memberships at different types of clubs
across the country to owning my own health
club and being involved in the sport of
competitive bodybuilding.

While owning the health club, it was difficult
to give individuals
the quality time and
knowledge they needed to keep them
motivated and progressing toward their
fitness goals.

For those reasons, I created
Scott Russell's
Mobile Fitness & Personal Training Service.

It allows me the atmosphere and quality time
to work
one on one with clients so they can
fully benefit from my vast knowledge and
experience - which keeps them focused on
achieving their health and fitness goals.   The
uninterrupted training session ensures every
workout is a
positive and productive session

If you feel that you could benefit from this type
of quality instruction then please feel free to
contact me by email or with a phone call.

The first consultation and your first
workout is on me at no charge, so what do
you have to lose?

I look forward to helping you live a healthier
and happier lifestyle.

Scott Russell
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